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A new appearance of Japanese that spins Japan and the world
A new appearance of Japanese that spins Japan and the world

In the past, the wisdom of the predecessors was based on the rationale of nature, and that wisdom made life simpler.

Furthermore, as the culture of this country harmonizes with other cultures,
We have advanced to a more sophisticated and unique one.

In TSURUTO (tsuru),
Under the theme of "catch up with the life of life"
"Kazaru" and "use" products are created and selected.

The essence of manufacturing and manufacturing is in the circulation of nature, and it is about giving a new sense of modernity.

We will deliver a new form of Japanese culture in which creative sensibilities are blended into the inherited Japanese wisdom and aesthetics.


Photo : Nobu Hidetaka


= つると(鶴渡)

The crane flies over the sky, and Japanese culture flies to the world.

We named it "Tsuruto" with the concept of crossing the sea.

A crane that has long been loved as a symbol of Japan,

It is also a symbol that is rooted in Japanese culture.

As there are many paintings, symbols, songs and products related to cranes,

Its beautiful appearance and appearance have attracted many Japanese people.

As a crane flies over the sea,

Disseminating wonderful products with Japanese culture, spirit and technology to the world,

We aim to be a project to deliver to many people.

The Projects
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watasu top2.c.jpg

Kimono with the aesthetic sense of this country. We are developing "Kimonofuku" focusing on kimono remakes that incorporate modern sensibilities into such kimonos.

Based on the concept of "a new appearance of Japanese style," a store that sells products that combine creative traditions and clothing of Japanese designers' brands is available at old private houses.

Only at the beginning, the wood accessories “Mokuhen” of hinoki fragrant. From hinoki thinned wood to creative and easy manufacturing.


We are 


Creative director


Born in Towada City, Aomori Prefecture, raised in Hachinohe City, and spent a gap year in New Zealand. Immediately after returning to Japan in 2018, he met TSURUTO and engaged in creative work. He is involved in all artwork, including art direction, photography, and copywriting.



Ohkata Tomoko

After volunteering in India and Germany, worked at an international youth environmental NGO. With the aim of creating a social business, we started accessory brands based on the concept of "reduce" in 2008 and worked on manufacturing with "reuse x welfare work facilities x local women x charity". In 2012, the encounter with a large number of discarded kimonos and interest in Japanese culture, which was brought up close to nature, increased, and in 2015, TSURUTO started. In 2018, we opened a directly managed store in an old private house in Koshigaya, Saitama Prefecture. In 2019, online store operation started.

Performs overall branding as a graphic designer.


For various inquiries,

Please contact us from "Contact Form".

Or to the following email address

Please contact me.







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